Beers made in Himmelkron


This beer deserves the name of a real beer. A typical, Upper Franconian, bottom-fermented Keller beer, copper-coloured, unfiltered and with no artificial CO2. It offers a full-bodied taste. The aromatic hops used give the beer a pleasant bitterness. After traditional open fermentation and subsequent barrel fermentation, the beer matures in barrels from February to Whit Monday.


In 2012, our trip to Scotland brought the breakthrough. A great Scottish Stout, black as night, dry and bitter. The high proportion of roasted malt  and caramel malts combines with the bitterness and the use of top-fermented brewer's yeast to create a typical Scottish delight.

Anna Weizen

In 1997, when Anna Grampp, the former landlady of the "Grampp House", turned 85, we wrote and performed a birthday song. So it was obvious to name our amber wheat beer after her. The Anna Weizen goes back to an old recipe from 1994 and is brewed only with aromatic hops. The long secondary fermentation in the barrels ensures the refreshing natural taste of wheat and yeast.