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In the beginners' course, every participant is taught the theoretical and practical basics of beer production. The course shows how to use your home's equipment to male beer at home. Hints and tips for building simple brewing equipment are given and sources for required ingredients are shown. The course consists of an introductory evening with theory of brewing and a day of practice for wort production with instructions on how to ferment and store your beer at home. Some weeks later a tasting evening with beer testing and exchange of experience takes place.

In advanced courses, working with multi-mashing processes for brewing top or bottom-fermented special beers is taught. Also the focus is on the calculation and use of different aroma hop varieties or the calculation of the malt input and the beer colour of the home-brewed beer. These topics change yearly.

After all, the courses are intended to make you brew more beer and build up brewing groups that continue brewing  beer together.

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Following beer styles can be brewed in the courses:


Beginners' course:

  • Kellerbier, untergärig
  • Altbier, obergärig
  • Kölsch, obergärig
  • Irish Red Ale, obergärig
  • Scottish Stout, obergärig

Advanced course Malt and Colour:

  • Bockbier dunkel, untergärig
  • Hefeweizen hell oder dunkel, obergärig
  • Rauchbier, untergärig

Advanced Course Hops and Bitterness:

  • Bockbier hell, untergärig
  • Pilsner tschechischer Brauart, untergärig
  • Festbier, untergärig
  • Wiener Exportbier hell, untergärig
  • Vollbier dunkel oder hell, untergärig

Franconian Homebrewing Certificate

Himmelkroner Hobbybrauer will confirm and appoint the owner of the certificate to have the knowledge to brew successfully beer styles like shown below:

  • Fränkisches Kellerbier, untergärig, einfaches Infusionsbrauverfahren
  • Hefeweissbier hell, obergärig, Ein-Maisch-Verfahren
  • Pilsner tschechischer Brauart, untergärig, Ein-Maisch-Verfahren, Berechnung und Kombination von Aromahopfensorten
  • Bockbier dunkel, untergärig, Zwei-Maisch-Verfahren, Berechnung von Stammwürze und Bierfarbe und Kombination von Malzsorten
  • Oberfränkisches Rauchbier, untergärig, Drei-Maisch-Verfahren, Spezialbierausbildung

The owner of the certificate supports the revival of home brewing, the preservation of the art of traditional brewing , especially the preservation of old brewing techniques and processes.

The first two graduates

Verleihung am 24.11.2018

Successful former students:


The menbers of ERDMANN-BRÄU from Wirsberg, who emerged from our brewing courses, won first place in the audience award at the Homebrew 2020 in Bayreuth. Congratulations!