We would like to introduce ourselves

Right from the beginning …

On 21st March 1992, Walter Simon held his first brewing course at the Himmelkron adult education centre. The 15 participants were so enthusiastic about the way of brewing at home that further advanced courses followed in short intervals.

From the participants of the initial courses, an energetic group was formed, named "Himmelkroner Hobbybrauer" and start continuing the old tradition of home brewing and successfully put the knowledge gained in the brewing courses into practice. On 16.03.2001 the club of the Himmelkroner Hobbybrauer was founded.

The adult education centre has its domicile in the ecclesiastical community centre of Grampphaus ("Grampp House") and the club members use the old horse stable which has been used formerly as a laundry room and boiler room and has been converted into a small brewhouse.


Church and brewing - a not really unusual combination


In the vilage of the monastery of Himmelkron, the tradition of brewing was first mentioned in 1607 by a Lord's owned brewery. The Grampphaus used to be a monastery tavern and beer was brewed by Adam Grampp until 1902. The last brewery of Himmelkron closed in 1953. For over 25 years now, the brewers of the club have been continuing this tradition.

The Protestant Church bought the estate in 1993. Together with the church, the rectory and the town hall, a well-rounded area has been created, which in the meantime has developed into the cultural centre of Himmelkron.


Where you drink, sing and laugh ...


To preserve old customs, songs and music of Himmekron is also a task of the club.