Until 1999, we did many brews in old, wood-fired cooking kettles. Then the brewing site was modernized and expanded.

In 2000, a brewing kettle with agitator was purchased and vessels, which were previously used for milk storage were converted into lautering and fermentation tuns. In addition, we converted the garages adjacent to the brewhouse into a bar.


Brewer's Yard

Since 2009 a stage for cultural events has been available in the "Grampphof". In addition to the traditional Whit Monday (street festival), the parish and the hobby brewers organise concerts and festivals e.g. beer&bread festival or Irish folk concerts. The whole courtyard can be covered and so visitors are protecteds from wind and rain.


In 2006, the project to built an oldfashioned bakery was started. At that time, the local bakery ceased operation for reasons of age. In order to continue the village's tradition of bread baking, we reconstruct an wood-fired oven. Already in the Middle Ages bread baking and beer brewing always belongs together.